Growing up I was always very involved in sports.  I aspired to be the best of the best.  I practiced day in and day out under the mantra of “practice makes perfect.”  I had many coaches scheduled throughout the week to assist and provide training in batting, fielding, and pitching lessons.  I had quite a busy schedule compared to most of my friends.  When I was in college I realized that in all those years I missed an integral part of my training.  Being mentally prepared is just as important as being physically prepared.  I wish I had learned this lesson much sooner in life.

I found a book which has not left my side since it came to my attention while in college.  The book contains quotes and commentary from well-known athletes.  Each chapter shares a different story not just of outstanding victories, but of failures as well.  Many of these great athletes faced trials in their journey to succeed in their particular sport.  At times their success may have not come as naturally as we think it did.  One common theme among all of them is that although they didn’t succeed at first, they had a dream and failure was not an option.  Some may have succeeded quicker than others, but they never gave up on their quest.

Now years later many of these principles I learned and dwelled on throughout my college years have been just as helpful in business.  I continue to revisit these stories and have come to the conclusion that athletes much like entrepreneurs have similar characteristics.  They have a dream, they work hard, refuse to give up, and believe failure is not an option.  However, I believe coaching along the way remains a vital and necessary tool in the pursuit for lasting success.

Our goal is to reach out to the entrepreneur that possesses these characteristics and hopefully help them along their way in achieving lasting success.

Katie Sterling – is a Tax Manager at Wertz & Company, LLP, a Professional Services Firm located in Orange County, CA that specializes in working with entrepreneurs along their journey to success.