I Know I Put it Somewhere…!

It is no secret that pockets, wallets and purses become the first place where receipts for business related expenses canreceipts become “misplaced”.  In the event that the receipts make it past this first hurdle, they will usually find themselves within a shoebox of information, only to be potentially misplaced again.  Given that we find it hard to ever be without our precious smart phones or tablets, why not take care of that business expense tracking immediately and efficiently with a little application called “Lemon Wallet”.

Within the Lemon Wallet application, you can scan all your receipts with your IPhone, IPad, Android phone or tablet, and store all those details online.  Once the receipt has been scanned, Lemon extracts all the important pieces of information, offers you the chance to confirm the accuracy of that information, and then categorize the expenses into multiple categories such as Personal, Business, Credit Card as well as any custom categories that you can dream up (hint:  Taxes!).

To get the most out of the application, you will want to sign up for a free account, either through the mobile application, or online at  This offers the added benefits of dashboard reporting, editing receipt capture information, and easily dealing with the re-categorization of expenses.  It also offers a way to capture any online shopping activities, by choosing to email those receipts to your own personal account at that time of purchase.

Put away the disgruntled fowl and stop smashing sweets, and start to realize the real potential of your favorite mobile device, and how they truly can make your life easier and more organized.  If you like what you get with Lemon Wallet for receipts, you may find yourself delving deeper into its offerings, such as the ability to store a digital copy of all your Credit Cards for easy access whenever, and wherever you need.

Sean McRoberts – is CTO at Wertz & Company, LLP, a Professional Services Firm located in Orange County, CA that specializes in working with entrepreneurs along their journey to success.