Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents can I store through the SecureDock program?

    SecureDock offers three standard docking ports, boxes, for your strategic documents: Individual, Business, and Trust.  Within each type of box, various categories allow you to easily identify where your documents are stored. Click here to download a PDF of a sample listing of the categories and the sub-categories of documents for each box. These categories can be changed and/or added to.

  • Is there a usage fee?

    As a participant in the SecureDock program, you have unlimited access to your account on a 24/7 basis. There is no fee attached to this program related to how often it is used, or the amount of documents stored within each account.

  • Can I add or delete documents on my own?

    Yes. The account provided for you has the ability for you to upload any document you have stored on your computer, and you can delete any document currently stored within your account. Please refer to the operating instructions for the specific steps.

  • Who do I contact if I have a problem accessing my SecureDock information?

    Should you be unable to access your SecureDock information, please contact our program helpline at (949) 756-5000 or email us at

  • Can I store “special” documents that are not listed in the current box categories?

    SecureDock categories and sub-categories were created based upon what is considered to be the most common strategic documents. However, we realize that there may be certain documents you wish to store on the SecureDock system that are outside of the standardized categories. Should you choose to add a particular category and/or subcategory, that can be accomplished in an edit function within your account. Please refer to the SecureDock Operating instructions for the specific procedure. SecureDock reserves the right, however, to decline to store certain documents if we feel it is outside the stated purpose of this system.

  • What happens in the event of a natural disaster?

    SecureDock is hosted within a world class Data Center outside California. The hosting facility offers full server redundancy with multiple variations of hourly, daily, and weekly backup procedures. SecureDock has a written and tested disaster recovery plan which directs the computer system recovery process in the event of an interruption resulting from an unplanned and unexpected disaster. The Disaster Recovery Plan assures that all secure documents stored in the SecureDock system will be restored expediently in the event the datacenter is impacted by a natural disaster.

  • How do I know the system is secure?

    The SecureDock system is built with the highest security measures possible. In addition to the standard web browser and operating system standards we’ve taken extra measures including encrypting all data at the highest levels available, acquiring the most stringent SSL certificate for the site, usernames and passwords that can be changed at any time, secure log in sessions with random image password generation. Your security is our top priority and we are constantly evolving our standards along with the advances in technology to make sure we offer a “safe harbor for your strategic documents.”

  • How do I sign up for the SecureDock service?

    As a Wertz & Company client, you are immediately entitled to an account on the SecureDock program, and an account will be opened for you. Should you have specific questions regarding the opening of the account please feel free to contact the Wertz & Company SecureDock administrator at (949) 756-5000 or

  • What does it cost?

    Here’s the good news…nothing! This is a value-added service offered to all of our clients. Once you become a client of Wertz & Company, your SecureDock account will be set up for your activation and unlimited use.

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