Client Bill of Rights

Client Bill of Rights

“There is no ambiguity. Through our Client Bill of Rights, we are explicit in communicating the service we provide.”

We Will Meet Your Highest Expectations

Our firm adheres to the purest form of customer service—the type of honest, sincere service on which our nation was built. We believe the best results will come to our business, and to our clients, if we challenge them to set high expectations and provide them the tools they need to keep us accountable.

Our Customer Promise

  • 1. We will deliver a high quality work product, on time, every time.
  • 2. We will treat you professionally and with respect.
  • 3. We will respond in a timely, understandable manner to your questions.
  • 4. We will provide proactive planning on personal and business matters.
  • 5. We will bring to bear our firm’s full expertise to address your business matter.
  • 6. If we cannot address your need internally we will draw upon our network to find a professional who can.
  • 7. We will invoice your company in a prompt, clear and concise fashion.
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Call us with your high expectations and learn how Wertz & Company will meet them every time.

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