Why Wertz?

Why Wertz?

"The firm empowers its employees to be who they are and service clients at the highest level."

We are a Business of Big Ideas

Big Idea #1
We specialize in serving entrepreneurs and small business professionals
. While it’s true that some of our clients now have large, mature businesses—they didn’t start that way. There’s just something about that entrepreneurial spirit that drives our firm. It’s who we are. Helping businesses grow is what we do best. And we welcome the opportunity to put our remarkable resources and talents to work for you and prove to you what we’re all about.

Big Idea #2
We’re a different type of accounting firm: CLIENT FOCUS drives everything we do.
From the way we’re structured (segmenting our personnel into the very best teams of account managers and accountants, hiring only passionate, highly ethical professionals), to the way we approach our services (proactive, year-round, consultative, affordable), to your client experience (personal, responsive, meaningful, trusting), everything we do is you-focused. It really is all about you.

Big Idea #3
We leverage local, personal service to deliver comprehensive, powerful results.
Many of our staff have worked at the large accounting firms—the “household names” in the industry. However, we prefer to work in a more intimate structure, where we all know each other’s names, and where we develop close, long-term relationships with our clients. With that said, our modest size does not limit our ability to deliver large results. We invite you to view our services and pick up the phone so we can discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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Entrepreneurs by Nature. Technicians by Trade. Partners through Trust.