That Elusive “It” You’ve Been Seeking

Once in your career, if you’re extremely fortunate, you may find that perfect workplace that makes you feel:

  • comfortable
  • respected
  • rewarded
  • challenged
  • and completely fulfilled

The feelings above, we are proud to state, are held by our employees. We know it by their words, like from their quotes below. And we know it by their actions, like the way they remain loyal long-term Wertz & Company family members.

If you would like to be part of our proud tradition and contribute to our growing success, view our current job openings.

Heart of Wertz & Company

At Wertz & Company, we care about the community in which we work and look to make a difference in the lives of people facing special challenges. Our involvement includes many different charitable endeavors, a few of which are highlighted here.

Employee Thoughts Shared

“They provide a great work environment, are sensitive to balancing work and personal time, and are always ready to provide assistance or education to help you learn new skills. They stress that we are all part of a team striving to reach the goal and no one has to go it alone.”

“There is open communication within all levels of the organization.”

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